There’s something special about food;

besides its primordial function to nourish,

food tells more than a thousand words about culture, traditions, one’s belief and/or mentality.

Food has the capacity to connect, to question and even to negotiate or induce statements.

Food is politics, history, economics, ecology, anthropology, and religion altogether.


We love food.

We love to bring up certain topics through food;

and we love to keep the discussion open to everyone.

Bureau d’Alimentation organizes

artist-orchestrated meals with no fixed format or theme. We work ‘tailor made’ and look to meet the necessities of a place and an audience.

We believe dinners are not arbitrary but are always meant to happen in that place on this moment.

We collaborate on a temporary basis with artists, researchers, cooks and institutions, and together they create moments, building set-ups and raising awareness.

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TV DINNER with Johan Grimonprez, Olivier de Schutter & Vandana Shiva

In this edition of BDA in KVS, the Royal Flemish Theatre in Brussels, we discuss the influence of the TV-dinner in relation to the disappearance of the common. We do this by creating a TV-studio where the (live) talk show takes place.


While people eat a tv-dinner, they watch a selection of historical commercials and fellow the talks with Johan Grimonprez, Vandana Shiva and livier De Schutter.


14.12.2019  19:00  KVS


Chrysanthi Koumianaki after Nikos Tselem

Chrysanthi Koumianaki


Chrysanthi Koumianaki



Bureau d'Alimentation will be serving a not so innocent dinner on May 25th in Netwerk. As a starter of the Eye Spy Film Night, everything is dedicated to espionage, intelligence agency and... poisoning.

Various dishes used to poison people will be served to you while watching the screen. The menu includes Swedish pea soup that was the dead cause of King Erik XIV of Sweden in 1577; followed by Masumi Hayashi's vegetarian curry dish, with which she murdered over hundred people on 25 July 1998. Thinking of Caroline Grills (1890 - 1960) infamous tea parties, cakes and desserts have always been very popular means of poisoning. So be aware of accepting all delicious sweets that are offered to you!

25.05.2018   6:30PM   NETWERK Aalst

Chrysanthi Koumianaki's work comes alive during a three-course meal; art turned culinary excellence. During the meal, you'll be part of an interactive performance. Chrysanthi collaborates with Athens-based chef Fahd Alexander Hassan-Kassem, who will compose a surprise three-course menu based on Chrysanthi's drawings and instructions. Each dish on the menu corresponds to a visual element and requires a different consumption procedure, with varying levels of interaction.

Dining together in this way can be considered a form of communication; or, more precisely, a translation from visual language into a multi-sensory culinary experience. From the unconventional seating to the opportunity for the creative input of the diners, everything has to do with the idea that, even though all guests attend the same dinner, each of them will ultimately enjoy a unique, distinctive experience.

30.03.2018 NETWERK Aalst




Initiatives such as Loods vzw, De Loods, de Warme Meente and Lokaalmarkt point to a genuine interest for a short-chain food economy within and around Aalst.

Bureau d'Alimentation would like to question the definition of 'local' within our increasingly diverse society. How local are the hummus, guacamole, and pesto on an average Belgian menu? Is there a network behind the short chain trade and what about ethics within international trade? What actions does politics undertake? Which ethical role is reserved for supermarkets?


In a critical debate with Bruno Eeman, Joachim Rummens, and Jan Blindeman we discuss the situation of local food today.

Chef Abdel prepares a delicious Syrian buffet with a choice of vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes for a democratic price. This meal literally and figuratively brings food for thought on the plate!

23.02.2018 Netwerk Aalst



beeld comm algemeen.jpg

With Ex-artists' collective (Tamás Kaszás and Anikó Loránt), Martyna Urbanowicz, Bart Backaert, De Keuken van het Ongewenste Dier and Heynsquared.

Since 2011, Tamás Kaszás and Anikó Loránt (Ex-artists' collective) are fascinated by the question of what we would eat after the world ends. Tamás Kaszás will present his ongoing research on 'famine food', and provide practical information on recognising, collecting and producing food in times of crisis.

We’ll start the dinner with an aperitif with Ginderella, brewed by the Heyneman brothers from no less than nine different weeds that wildly grow in Ghent.

The evening continues with a buffet of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, carefully prepared with ingredients found by artist and chef Martyna Urbanowicz.The day before the dinner, local fauna and flora expert Bart Backaert will guide Martyna and the Bureau d’Alimentation on a tour through Aalst for the collection of our main ingredients. For meat-lovers we’ll serve wild goose that were slaughtered at Schiphol airport under the guise of disturbing the airport traffic. Helping to stop this foodwaste, De Keuken van het Ongewenste Dies was established.

27.04.2018 Netwerk Aalst

KAAPLAA 6.10.2019


In collaboration with residential care center Armonea we prepare the "traditional walking dinner / local style" including stuffed peach with tuna, tomato-crevette and asparagus with a twist.
Bureau d’Alimentation provides the ingredients, but the know-how we learn from our local participants.
During this traditional aperitif with port and cherry we invite political scientist and sociologist Merijn 

Oudenampsen. Merlijn is the author of the book "The Conservative Revolution" in which he analyzes popular conservatism and tries to find out where these ideas find there origin. Oudenampsens political research penetrates the cultural debate and thereby questions the responsibility of the arts.

The conversation continues after lunch with a panel of artists. Tbc

10:00  Workshop

12:00   Lunch  

14:00   Artist talk